My process is very similar for both branding packages and for design and development packages. They look something like the charts below:

Web Design and Development Projects

Branding and Visual Design Projects

Basically, the processes read like this:

Once your inquiry and initial questionnaire have been received, you will get an email inviting you to put yourself on my calendar for a pre-booking consultation {you may have signed up with the link after filling out the initial questionnaire, that works too} along with a guidebook. The guidebook includes information about the base offerings and packages, what additional options are offered for your selected services, what information you will be expected to provide during the process, sample timelines, basic payment information, along with the answers to some FAQ's that you may have.

During our consult {via Google hangouts} we will discuss your responses to the questionnaire and I can answer any other questions you might have. After the call, I will send you a formal proposal and contract for your project. I will also send you a second guidebook specific to your project and the first steps for your project; a more comprehensive questionnaire, set-up information for my project management system {Trello}, and any other information you need before we get started. You will also receive a separate email to join inviting you to join Trello, and access to your project board. Once you let me know that the proposal and contract meet your need I will send you an invoice for payment. Once the contract is signed and your {first} payment is processed, I will put you on the calendar to start your project. Then we work together to create an amazing website or branding strategy {or both!} by going through the steps specific to your project.

And that's it! Once we reach the end of your project and you have provided final payment {if necessary} I provide your deliverables {your website, branding guide, logo files} and an email with your launch guidebook which includes any last minute information you might need to get started using your site or making use of your branding files. But don't worry, just because our project is done doesn't mean that we can't still chat, if you have questions feel free to reach out via email {or through your Trello board} and I will help you make the most of your new branding guide or website.

Working with me on a project that isn't part of a package?

Your project will still work just like my packages starting with an initial inquiry and pre-booking consultation call {via Google hangouts} during which we will discuss your project details. After our call, you will receive an email with a project proposal including a proposed timeline and contract. Once you send back a signed contract, I will provide an invoice and any additional information necessary for your project, and an invitation to sign-up for Trello {my project management system}. Essentially these projects run just like my packages without the guidebooks, information for these projects is provided on a case by case basis via email initially, or through your Trello board once your project has started.

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