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10 Benefits of having a Website in Your Business Toolbox

If you are reading this, it’s probably because you are considering building {or having someone build} a website for your business. Yay! Websites are a great asset for all businesses; the benefits of having a website are huge, it can be one of the best assets you have. If used correctly a website might just give you the best return of investment you have seen in your business so far. So without further ado here are my top 10 reasons why you should add a website to your business toolbox.

{Just a heads up this is a long post, so grab a cup of coffee and settle in before reading. I promise it’s jam-packed with great information on how a website will help grow your business}

01. Your customers expect it

Most consumers expect businesses to have an online presence; it gives them a level of comfort in working with those businesses. And they may look elsewhere if they can’t find you online. And while social media platforms give you the ability to build an online presence without the cost of a website, there are some drawbacks to relying on social media for your online presence.  Your own site and domain provides an instant level of credibility with your customers, and shows your commitment to your business.

02. It provides social proof

Having your own site will give you a strong platform to share reviews and/or testimonials for your products or services. By posting reviews and testimonials you are able to provide new and potential clients with proof of the quality of your products or services. By having these reviews and testimonials on your website rather than on sites run by others or social media platforms, you have control over those reviews and testimonials. A key consideration for using your own website for reviews is the ability to prevent false reviews from being published, and when they are submitted you are able to prevent their publication.

03. You control the narrative

Using your own website will give you a space on the web to tell your story in any way that you want, giving you a platform to create a space that is in your full control. You will be able to share content in your voice — curse if you want to curse, keep it friendly, or professional — your site can be presented in any voice you want. Your website will also allow the space you need to share your company mission, message, and personality, without the constraints dictated by the terms and conditions you agree to with social media sites. You are also able to more easily share your content across a variety of social media platforms, while only creating the content once.

04. More bang for your buck

Your website will become your best marketing tool, allowing you to reach a wider audience, and implement a wider range of marketing strategies without of the costs associated with print marketing. You are also able to make changes to your marketing campaigns without worrying about wasted costs. A website also allows for you to update and change information without the cost {or waste} associated with traditional print marketing strategies. Your website also functions as a digital business card that is easily updated to provide current information.

05. You don’t need extensive coding or technical skills

Some people think that you need to have amazing tech skills or a large budget in order to be able to launch an amazing website. The truth is that neither of these things really matter.

There are a wide variety of platforms for building websites {some better than others, but that is a post for another day}, and they target a wide range of tech skills. Even if you have limited tech skills there are tutorials {both paid and free} that will walk you step-by-step {day-by-day} through how to build your website in as little as an hour a day for 5 days. And if the thought of building your own site makes you run screaming into the night, well then, hiring a web designer and developer might be the best option for you, but it doesn’t have to cost your entire annual budget.

Most designers and developers {myself included} offer a range of product that can help you build your site and stay on your budget. You can check out my services page for more information on exactly what I offer, including an option for less than $1000. These sites are not a totally custom site, but they do provide a strong website for your business. And the truth is that most clients and customers don’t care how your site was built just as long as you have a website, and that your site is easy to navigate on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

06. Your competitors all have websites

Okay, so I will admit that not all businesses have a website. So you are going to have to do some research here. Google the names of your top two or three competitors do they have websites? If they do and you don’t you are missing out on customers, and giving your competitors an easy advantage. If you look and see that most of your competitors don’t have websites — well why not take that competitive advantage for your business.

07. Never having to put up the “closed” sign

A website will allow clients and customers access to information about your products & services 24/7 and if you are a product based business {or even just provide products as a supplement to a service} you can set up your site with an e-commerce solution allowing sales whenever the client or customer is ready to buy. Now this is not to say that you need to be responding to email and answering your phone 24/7 – but it does allow for customers {and potential customers} to contact you on their schedule, or order when they are ready without having to worry about the hours you are open.

08. Google

Think about it, how many times have you googled a business before deciding to work with them or purchase something from them? Well, guess what, Google likes websites. Having your own website will allow you to increase the likelihood that potential clients will find you when they search for someone doing what you do. Almost all of the platforms that you can use to build your website allow you to use some amazing tools built for this purpose. These tools help your website optimize your place in search engine results. And if you are a data lover like me, some will even provide you with the background data that will allow you see where your customers come from and provide insight on how you can grow your business.

09. Create a resource for staff {and customers}

Do you have a staff? Your website can double as your training manual. If you decide to use your website as your training manual {and most platforms offer you the ability to create pages that can’t be seen by the public, allowing you to create a private training section on your site} you can monitor your employee’s progress through the training, provide instructional videos or audio files in addition to PDF’s. This system will also allow you to update all training material in one step, and save you the cost of printing copy after copy as your business grows.

A website is also a great platform to provide access to free resources for clients or customers. If you provide your clients or customers with any form of written instructions your website can be a great resource to provide those instructions for when they can’t find the copy you provided them. By providing this information not just to your clients or customers you create an environment where you become a trusted expert, an authority in your industry.

10. Showcase your products and services

A website allows you display your products in different ways such as an image gallery or portfolio, as well as providing a platform to educate your customers about your products with downloadable PDFs, video tutorials, or other information or resources. And these options are customizable depending on what services or products you offer such as integrating a calendar with your class schedule, or providing a reservation system right on your website. There are also a wide variety of e-commerce solutions to help you sell your product. And customization of these products is a great way to showcase your products in a way that will help them sell!

Bonus! Customer Support

Using your website will allow you to streamline your customer service processes. You own website, built on your own domain, will allow for you to create an email address @yourdomain, providing a more professional and trusted communication channel.

Your website will also allow you to address FAQ, provide added value with articles or newsletters, and will create an environment where you can build relationships with your customers

As you can see the benefits of having a website touch on so many areas of your business {sales, customer service, marketing, and so much more}

If you haven’t yet created a website for your business, what are you waiting for?!?


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