Building your website, doesn't have to feel too hard

Building your website with ease

Why is building your own website so hard?

This is something that I see pop up quite often. There are other variations. The gist is always building your website is hard.

Often when asked “why?” the answer is something like they aren’t ‘techie enough’ or they aren’t creative enough. And while these can feel like huge barriers to building a website – there are plenty of options that can help you move past the tech and the creativity blocks you see in front of you.

Often however when you move beyond the blocks of not being ‘techie’ or not being creative, there tend to be two bigger reasons entrepreneurs have trouble building their website: information overwhelm, and not being quite ready for a website.

You can build your website with ease

Yep. You read that right — building your website does not need to be a process fraught with frustration. You can work your way to a new website with ease.

Avoiding overwhelm

First, let’s address the overwhelm. It is very easy to become completely overwhelmed with information when it comes to building your own website. Every step along the wary requires you to make decisions – and these decisions can feel HUGE when you aren’t sure what you are doing. And when you can’t move forward until you make a decision.

Everything about building a website involves a decision point. From step one: deciding what platform to use.

There are a million and one experts out there say you must use this system because x – y- z, or you are doomed if you use this platform or that platform. There are endless platform options – and depending on who you ask everyone has favorite. For every question you ask, you will find that there is conflicting information out there.

So how do you avoid the overwhelm?

My advice: look for websites from other entrepreneurs who have websites that you like and inspire you. Reach out, ask them what they used to build their website. Some may point you in the direction of a designer or developer, some may give you the exact platform and theme that they used. If you reach out to three or four and they all used WordPress to design their websites – you know it is possible to create a website that you like using WordPress. Or Squarespace. Or whatever their answer is.

If you get three or four different answers, then take the time to look at just those platforms – you have already cut down the about of research you are doing. Remember: you can always change your mind and move later as your business grows. 

Once you have your platform find ONE expert on that platform who teaches you how to build your site. Yep. Just ONE resource that you turn to with your questions. By limiting who/where you turn to for resources you are limiting the overwhelm – you know where you need to turn when you have a question or are looking for a recommendation.

Are you ready for a website?

Yep — not every business needs to have website… right now. Once you have started to work with customers, and you know how to talk to and attract those customers — that is when you are ready.

Now you might not think that this advice holds with all business types. Especially if you are trying to build an online based business. Consider the entrepreneur who is building a website with the intention of creating a monetized blog. They need to know who they are talking to – this way the can choose the right affiliate programs and write content that speaks the people who will make purchases from those programs. Trust me – if you try to talk to everyone, you talk to no one. Not only that but it is so so so hard to create the content and copy {yes, these are two totally different things, but that is topic for another day} when you don’t have a clear picture in your mind who you are talking to. And content and copy are two really big elements when you are building a website.

There are other factors that play into knowing if you are ready for a website. But knowing your audience is key. Having perfect messaging is not.

Long story short

Doing anything for the first time can be hard. Often that first time we lack the necessary skills, information, and confidence in ourselves to achieve our goal. You have hours of practice writing amazing stories, designing beautiful handmade goods, or offering services to your community – that is what your business is about. It most likely isn’t about the melding of tech and creativity — that is what my job is about.

Remember just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean its impossible.

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