Website Basics

Building your website with ease

Building your website, doesn't have to feel too hard

Why is building your own website so hard? This is something that I see pop up quite often. There are other variations. The gist is always building your website is hard. Often when asked “why?” the answer is something like they aren’t ‘techie enough’ or they aren’t creative enough. And while these can feel like…

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How Much Should A Website Cost?

How much should a website cost?

Answer: How long is a piece of string? It seems like a straightforward question to ask a website designer/developer. How much will my website cost? I get why – if I am going to invest in something, I want to know how much it is going to cost me. But the truth is each business…

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10 Benefits of having a Website in Your Business Toolbox

benefits of having a website

If you are reading this, it’s probably because you are considering building {or having someone build} a website for your business. Yay! Websites are a great asset for all businesses; the benefits of having a website are huge, it can be one of the best assets you have. If used correctly a website might just…

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